Employment Contracts and Severance Negotiation

Employers frequently require their employees to sign documents as a condition of employment. These documents can contain non-competition and non-solicitation agreements that could dramatically hinder an employee’s ability to find gainful employment after the relationship ends. These documents may also include arbitration clauses which may remove an employee’s right to file a lawsuit and can take away an employee's right to a jury trial.

Employers also frequently ask employees to sign agreements at the termination of employment as a condition of receiving a severance or termination pay. These agreements may require an employee to waive future claims against an employer and compensate an employee far less than they are owed and deserve.

If your employer is asking you to sign a legal document as a condition of employment, or a document as a condition of receiving a severance, and you would like to explore the options your employer may not be telling you, Attorney Kevin M. McDermott II is available to discuss.

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